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Why, if there is a God, will he allow all of this?


Why, if there is a God, will he allow all of this?

You look at the injustice of the world. Of the heartache caused by man. Of the destruction caused by man and his nature and say why? Why, if there is a God, will he allow all of this? Why would there be heartache and suffering? Why wouldn’t God just prevent everything we don’t like in the world? Sometimes we think that would be the purpose of God. To think that there can be a life apart from suffering. Apart from struggle, apart from challenge, and that would be the way that God would have it set if indeed there was a God. Yet in so many ways, we know that’s not true. God did not create us to give us a life apart from challenges and suffering. God created us to make us in his image and likeness. And who is he? A God who loves even his enemies. A God who does what is right even in the face of injustice. A God who sends rain and provision on both the just and the unjust. A God who is kind to the unthankful and evil.

He is full of mercy and compassion and long-suffering. Even in the face of all that we changed in this world. What we often really want is change in our circumstances. We want life without struggle, without challenge, we just want to be at ease. But more than change in circumstances God is looking for change in us. His creative work is to transform us to live like he lives, even in the face of adversity and suffering. He’s teaching us to rise above the victim mentality. To forgive others. To learn how to live and not be tethered to adversity but rise above it. God is raising up children who know how to give mercy, compassion, forgiveness, and love to others even to those who don’t deserve it. And even of the worst experiences. God is teaching us to be more than human. He is teaching us to be like Him.

To love our enemies, to do good to those who hate us, to pray for those who hurt and wound us. He is teaching us to rise above sin and above suffering, and even the horrors some of us face in life to do what is right and just and good in all things. To walk in humility. To be like God. And he has prepared a place for you and preparing to gather together those who believe. Who live and walk with him in his ways. A kingdom that is far removed from the pain, the suffering, and the death of this world. It is given to the children of God. To those who come to know him. To those who leave the things of this world behind and overcome its evil with good. He’s called you to this. And he has chosen you. We invite you to come and learn more about this Good News of Jesus Christ.

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