A Message from Our Pastor

Rock Valley Christian Church is excited to announce that we will host a Feast of Tabernacles celebration in Park City, Utah this fall. Having personally celebrated the Lord’s Feasts for 40 years, I cannot help but be inspired and encouraged by the great things God has done and is doing through His Son, Jesus.

Many Christians tend to think of the Feast and Holy Days found in the Bible as celebrations only for the Jews. However, when we read the scriptures in the light of the New Covenant, we find that they are all about belief in Jesus Christ and the great work God is accomplishing through Him. In fact, in each Biblical feast day, we see how God declares a different aspect of the gospel, of things He has accomplished and things He will yet accomplish. I find it incredible that God not only shares His plans, His dreams and His vision with us, but He wants us to be a part of it and to celebrate with Him!

What makes the Feast of Tabernacles particularly exciting is that it celebrates the culmination of God’s great plan for mankind. It offers us an incredible opportunity to come together to worship God, to celebrate the things He is doing through Jesus, to learn of Him, and to share the good news of what He is doing.

This Feast celebration is designed to be a deeply rich and rewarding spiritual experience, where we can come together as Christians to learn more about God and worship Him. What we offer and what I hope you personally come to experience when you celebrate the Feast with us is:

  • 8 days of worshipping God
  • 8 days of learning more about God and His plans
  • 8 days of time with your family
  • 8 days of fellowship with other Christians
  • 8 days of rejoicing with God and others

We look forward to celebrating with those of you who will join us in Park City! Our Feast website has all the information you need to join us. If you have any additional questions about the Feast, click here to contact Stephanie Liesenfelt, Feast Director.

May the Lord bless you and keep you,
David Liesenfelt
Senior Pastor
Rock Valley Christian Church