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There Are Those Of You Who Know The Truth


There Are Those Of You Who Know The Truth

There are those of you who know the truth. Why am I here? Why am I alive? And you know. You see that there is something happening here on this earth. That you’re not just some result of some explosion, or some manifestation of lava and rock bringing you to existence. You see that mankind has been given life and breath. The amazing ability to reason and think. That man has been given a conscience of right and wrong. You were made on purpose. You were not made into the image of an animal but in the image of God.

And you know there is still something more. That God who made you has put the whole thought of life and death into your heart and mind. And that he is still working in you even now. That you are not a finished creation. But you are to become a new creation. You were made and formed in his image. To be further formed and shaped. To know his love and to give it. To know his faithfulness and to live it. To know his hope and embrace it. To give mercy, kindness, and compassion to others in the demonstration of the greatest strength of all.

That you do not surrender to evil in this world. But you overcome evil with good. For this is the nature of the God who made you. And you choose of your own heart and thought to choose good, to choose life, to choose God.

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