If you have never celebrated the Feast of Tabernacles as a Christian, or if you have never celebrated the Feast with Rock Valley Christian Church, you may be wondering what to expect when you show up.  One of the final instructions given in the book of Leviticus about how to keep the Feast of Tabernacles is: “And you shall rejoice before the Lord your God (Lev. 23:40).” We take this to heart at Rock Valley – we love to rejoice before our Lord! As Christians, we incorporate our worship of Jesus into this festival celebration. It’s a privilege that the Israelites were never able to enjoy.

We will have worship services every morning at the Feast that will incorporate prayer, contemporary worship music and hymns, special music offerings, scripture reading and Feast-themed, Bible-based teaching. We plan to provide plenty of opportunities for fellowship so we can all get to know one another better, and we encourage you to plan get-togethers with friends new and old.

Other plans include seminars, Teen Bible Studies, Youth Bible School, worship nights and different group activities for families. We want all of you to spend time together! We’ll update our Feast Calendar as volunteers step forward and activities are planned.

Join us for the Feast if you want to enjoy…

8 days of worshipping God
8 days of learning more about God and His plans
8 days of time with your family
8 days of fellowship with other Christians
8 days of rejoicing with God and others

Practical Matters

Why should I register? We are in the process of planning a few activities. It will help us tremendously to know who is planning to be with us so we can accommodate your needs. Please complete a Registration Form, one per household, to let us know that you will be attending the Feast with us in Oxnard.

How can I help? Great question! We believe you should bring your offerings before God at the Feast. We want you to offer your gifts and talents in the form of service to others. If you have in mind a specific area in which you are willing to serve, let us know. If you want to serve, but don’t know where or how to do it, let us know and we may contact you with some specific suggestions where help is needed. Click here to contact us or fill out your Registration Form and indicate your willingness to serve.

What should I wear? While we have never chosen to impose a dress policy at Rock Valley, we understand your desire to feel comfortable in a new situation. For worship services, we recommend a minimum of business casual attire. Dress slacks and shirt for men or women would be perfectly acceptable. If you feel more comfortable wearing a suit or dress, feel free to do so. We respectfully request no shorts for adults and no sports hats during the worship service. For other activities, as always, our general recommendation would be to dress comfortably, in a modest way befitting the situation.

What will the weather be like in Oxnard?
September average high and low     71°F/58°F
October average high and low         70°F/54°F

We consider this beautiful fall weather here in Southern California! But the record high in Oxnard, at Feast time, is 104°F.  Expect the averages, but certainly, pack your swimsuit and shorts for warmer days and a jacket or sweater for cool mornings and evenings.