Being Authentic in Prayer

Are you being who The Father has called you to Be? Are you doing what He has called you to do, or are you seeking to be like others and comparing yourself to others? The truth is, God has made you unique and has bestowed you with specific gifts and talents to thrive and prosper in his Kingdom. join Pastor David Liesenfelt in this heart felt message on walking in who God has called you to be and excelling with a life of praying in Spirit and power.


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    Dianne Sain says

    David, thank you for this sermon. Spoke to my heart. Thoughts about prayer many times wondering what was wrong with me that I just could not pray like others. I was looking at others prayers thinking that I had a communication problem. Yes, I was hearing what others prayed and it sounded so to the point. Sometimes could not say to God exactly what I desired. So many ways this sermon made me see that I personally am important to God and that I should not compare myself to anyone else. I will pray to him in my own way at any time, anywhere. Didn’t think I had pride, but realize I am eat up with spiritual pride. Please pray that I will grow in faith, so I will be able to pray openly to God and will be able to be used by Him!

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